Philippe Thomassigny - Personal Showcase

Actually CTO @

Personal Projects:

The WebAbility® Network GO libraries, lots of GPLv3 Freeware and the Xamboo.

- Amazon Alexa Go framework for lambda server
- XConfig for GO
- XCore for GO
- XDominion for GO
- Xamboo for GO

The WebAbility® Network, lots of GPLv3 Freeware and the WebAbility Developement plateform.

- WebAbility®
- Xamboo for PHP7
- DomCore for PHP7
- Box Model for PHP7
- Dominion for PHP7
- WAJAF (Javascript framework)
- DomList for PHP7 and WAJAF
- DomMask for PHP7 and WAJAF
- WACS for PHP7 Comet Server
- WAWAS for PHP7 Full Web Server and Application Server
- Java 3D Engine

Javascript framework single-page-application.

Full realtime animated Java 3D rendering engine (very old java code).

Sites I do an maintain:

Fantabulastico - Intelligent games